We are the SILVERSEA unit specialized in providing worldwide both new and used containers. We want to solve the needs of our client and solve them in a simple, fast and effective way.
We are an international company that operates locally, making our customers always have the best service at the best price with the greatest transparency.

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What are the containers made of?

Maritime containers are made of corten steel, 1.8 mm thick, which makes them highly resistant. Their floors are of compensated maritime, with a thickness of 30 mm.

Do you offer transfer service? How do they get them off the truck?

We provide transfer service throughout the country and we previously evaluate it’s feasibility to avoid setbacks at the time of delivery. The trucks have hydraulic crane, which allows to position the container quickly and safely at its final destination.

Can I choose them?

At Silversea, we arrenge visits to our warehouse, so that our customers can choose the equipment that best suits their needs.

Are all containers used?

Yes, all of them have been previously used, although some of them only once, which is why they do not present any structural alteration or damage.

What is the size of a container?

In the container section you will find all the types and measures that we can offer you.

¿Las viviendas a partir de contenedores son calurosas?

Los contenedores adaptados son aislados de forma tal que permiten ser habitado y tener la temperatura que encontramos en una construcción tradicional.

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